I’m meant to be an entrepreneur.

Well, it’s confirmed. I’m meant to be an entrepreneur. There’s absolutely no doubt about it. Any haziness, second guessing, misplaced blame & self-doubt I’ve been harboring for years culminated into one big gummy ball of self-loathing… and then exploded into tiny bits of incinerated ash by today’s events. The main event I speak of? My[…]

All Up In Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge Program

My decision to complete the Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge audio program About a week  ago, I made a solid decision to go through the Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge program in its entirety. Every exercise. Every audio. My full attention and participation. I’m already getting some pretty sick results and thought it would be cool to…[…]

I’m In An Indie Film!

Indie Films Rock … especially when you and your friends are in them. A little while ago, a friend and patron of my work, Gianni, approached me. After ordering a cocktail, he proceeded to tell me he was shooting an indie film that he was going to enter in an assortment of film festivals, and[…]