I support these causes…

Will you join me?

Small actions create massive results.
Did you know your one small action can change the world?
Yep, your mark can change one man’s world in particular more than you may ever know.
That man is B. Straub… my friend.
And he’s working hard from prison to overturn his wrongful conviction.
Without going over all the details, I’ll paraphrase his cause for ya.

Brian was tried and found guilty on loose circumstantial evidence for a crime I believe he’s innocent of.
Got 20 years. Since his incarceration he and his family have gathered ALL the EVIDENCE THAT PROVES HIS ALIBI, but he has to go through the proper channels just to get a chance for his team to present this evidence to the court.

Freedom doesn’t come cheap, and his legal defense costs money.

So instead of sitting idly behind bars,

He made a rock one-man rock album from in prison that he sells to fund his defense team.

You can help help an innocent man become a contributing member of society again by purchasing that album (Plus it rocks!).

brian straub pilate fish

Click Here To Purchase Pilatefish

That’s it. Let’s help free an innocence man, my friend… B. Straub.

P.S. Wanna learn about his story, and how he became known as “that cool yoga dude” in the prison circles? Sign up for his newsletter.

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