I’m In An Indie Film!

Indie Films Rock

… especially when you and your friends are in them.

A little while ago, a friend and patron of my work, Gianni, approached me. After ordering a cocktail, he proceeded to tell me he was shooting an indie film that he was going to enter in an assortment of film festivals, and he needed someone to play a bartender for one of the scenes. Guess who he asked… [more…]

Ok, he asked someone else first. But that someone, who we’ll keep anonymous to protect his identity… SEAN! (couldn’t resist. sorry buddy), broke his foot. So, I was the next choice.

Anyway, Gianni asked me, a bartender, to really step outside my comfort zone and test my creative acting juices by stepping into the role of a… you guessed it. … A bartender! I was honored.

And right around the same time, I was forming the idea for this blog. It was perfect. I was looking to try new things, and here it was being waved in my face.

And so this post just became the first installment of “Stepping Out With Adam”

The film is called “Nina”. From what I got, it’s about a southern girl moving to New York to pursue a singing career. She has some success but for whatever reasons, doesn’t quite make it. (Sorry if I biffed up the synopsis, Gianni. Feel free to correct me in the comments below).

So anyway, back to me…

I play a bartender WITH A SPEAKING PART! Cool. Check out the video to hear what it is.

YouTube Preview Image


It really was a fun experience and never having been on a “set” before, I got to witness a behind the scenes of movie making. All the cast and crew were great. Everyone rocked. Thanks Gianni for giving me the first passion finding experience of this blog.

Can’t wait to watch the finished product.

Nina film shoot Franklin Park Bar

L to R: Christian (2nd cam), Nina Creese (star), Gianni Fontana (actor/dir), Adam (mwah), Max (ad), Noelle (sound)


This being my first post, please leave a comment below and let me know what you enjoyed about this post, how I could have made it better, what you would have liked to see or have me address.

Until next week!


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