Screw It Man. We’re Launching This Blog

We’re Launching this blog.

And by “we’re”, I mean me.

It’s been over a year I think since I set this thing up. And I haven’t done squat with it. Well…it’s about time I change that.

So I’m launching right now, under the radar, at 1:46 am Monday morning.

What am I gonna talk about on here? Any and everything. Turns out I got a lot to say. Just look how much I’m saying on my other blog… the money-making one.

Not a great way to launch, I know… by already promoting my other blog. But hey, at least I’m doing something.

So consider this post the launch party.

Imagine fireworks, party horns, streamers…

Nah…. SCREW that!

Imagine a KID ROCK concert. Say what you will, the guy knows what attracts attention. Little people, strippers, explosions, hotrods, guitars, screaming, big hats, and fur coats. YEAH!

At least that’s how it was when I went to see him… 10 years ago. Geez, I’m getting old. And obviously oxygen deprived by mentioning Kid Rock in my launching blog party post.

Consider us launched. We’re live….

2 thoughts on “Screw It Man. We’re Launching This Blog

  • Birthdays have a way of sobering and refining us. We ultimately come out one year older, wiser, sharper, and also in your case, my son, more lovable than ever. No prejudice intended. Happy Birthday this whole next year! Love ya, Mom

    By the way – Kid Rock still rocks!

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